Wednesday, 23 May 2012


Mirror in your hands,
They smell like Easter morning,
The magic of a sleepy smile,
Shadows of our lives,
Dark lines around,
True lights in the eyes,
Fear of a Blackbird,
Caged freedom of his heart,
'You should not be afraid,
You have your liberty,
No one takes your life away'
Crying scars,
The deepest secrets
Painted on the skin,
No need to lie.
You should not remove
My mirror
I need to see the face,
Face selfishness,
Destruct the walls I designed,
The boundaries
That need to be
Emotional cavalcade,
Golden bags
Of growth,
Conscious annihilation
Of loads that need to be
Left behind.
The bird is in the air,
He is flying high,
If he could smile
His smile would
Conquer the skies.
With light in his eyes,
He owns the world,
He left everything behind.

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