Saturday, 25 August 2012

Seed, sprout, smile: Have you seen the miracle in a falling raindrop?

Nightfall. Barcelona is covered in rain and rosy lights. The miracle is becoming reality in a raindrop on Montjüic, at the Miramar lookout. Along with a distant Agbar Tower and a lonely Sagrada Família on the West, the sea is laughing at you with its roaring voice from under a rare fog blanket. Magic. Full moon is climbing on the deep blue sky. The blazing traveller of the night - how similar we are. Satellites of our own worlds... rising and falling.
Spring morning. Dancing sunbeams on the light green tree leefs are blinding your eyes for a second.

I wish I were able to see the miracles day by day...Why are they not enough to make us perceive the beauty and feel that moment of smiling silence inside? As if we were bound to want 'more'. Once we are accustomed to the beautiful and the precious, the diamonds turn into worthless stones and sand. How to stay aware of and sharply within the moment and not take things for granted? Appreciate the gift of someone's love, a plate of delicious food with fresh herbs and the fragrance of Jasmin while running. The happiness in a friend's eyes and the priceless tears of laughter you share. They will never come back.

Live them, Traveller, as if they were your last ones. Be patient and understand that others have their needs too. Do not try to hurry things up, for precisely in that instant you make them go wrong.

And don't forget to smile. For every smile you send out into the universe rewards you with three others. :)

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