Tuesday, 24 January 2012

People and not the places...


It may not be love
But it is more than just liking
It may not be true
It is still inspiring
You may not even know
What you have provoked in me
By just breathing
Being who you are
Stealthily watching
But I am grateful to you
For what you gave to me
When you were smiling
I would be even more grateful to you
To see you again live
And feel Your embracing
To hold you in my arms
Just for one night
Without hiding
And to talk to you
Without shame and giving
myself to you
Who I am
And not pretending
To be someone else
Who I am not and just lying
To be less than “cool”
Sexy or divvy
Just to be myself
And you still keep me liking
Just to know that your read
All these silly lines
I am writing
Would make me feel content
Happy and smiling
But I have to stop myself
To stop longing
And waiting
And go to bed
With me and myself
And just hoping
To see you one day
Again and waiting
For me
With a smile
That is for me

And for no one else.

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