Monday, 5 March 2012

Dunce's cap

Glowing eyes
Already covering her
With black shroud.

Poor child, they think,
Exposing herself
Wearing her heart
On her sleeve
She should have learnt it by now
Honesty has a unique price
It transforms you into
The object of derision
On every occasion.

Curious light in her eyes
Glittering like tiny diamonds
Repelling the squared darkness
For it is unable to leave
the strangling reality behind.

The illusion of colours
Is the echo of the light
She can look behind the shadows
That keeps her alive.

The pain of the squared blackness
Pierces its fingers
Deep into her purulent wound
Pushing her close to breaking down
Trying her again and again.

Doubt eating part of the soul
Its teeth have grown too sharp
The wound might not heal so fast.

Finding the hardly existent
Inner path
Leading her along
Pusillanimity, devils, temptations
The precarious milestones
Of her own life
Forcing her to practice
And remain defiant
Living with the gloving eyes
Always watching her,
Ready to stab her in the back.

What they are ignorant of, however,
Is the shield of the soldier
No matter how hard they try
The weapons of the world
Are unable to hurt her
To perforate the armour
To reach the core of
Her heart.

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