Saturday, 3 March 2012


I let you float
Away from me
So you can be the air,
The warm wind
Stroking everyone's faces
With a gentle eternal smile
I let you sail
Away from me
On a teardrop river
Flowing from past lives
Towards nonexistent harbours
Of illusions and angst
I let you fade away
After the fountain of the soul
Had dried up
God in one moment
Then thrown back to the ragged
Surface of sensations
The almighty mind in charge
Replaced by the vulnerability
Of the invisible layers of the heart
Flying high'
Sensing every movement of pleasure
With sharp eagle eyes
Diving deep'
Waves clashing above the head
Strong walls of the mind breaking down
Like a house of cards
The straight reality of physical forms
Dissolving in illogical perception
Of the frenzied imagination
In a Stranger's eyes.

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