Thursday, 16 February 2012


Music and dance
Soaked with tear-drops and laugh
Bohemian wine
Turning tails
To the unconscious dikes
Silently flooding the mind
At the sight of every tender wave
Escaping honesty
With another sip of
Insubstantial, delirious lie

On the top of the world desperately waiting
For another phantasm to approach
The sight of the mountain
Then leaving
Only a few words are enough
Wishing to extend the seconds
Eternally memorising the lines
The colours and shapes composing
The air, the breathing, the smiles,
Drunk without drinking
Mesmerised by the presence of shadows and lights
Would it be possible to stupefy the feeling?
Gazing at it endlessly without talking or touching?
Moving between worlds tearless yet crying
Lacerating the body
Hiding from the tantalizing thoughts
Of loss and longing
In the corner of an elusive blink of the eye

The truth will find its way out
Of the labyrinth of mind
That was created to hide it
It will hurt you even more
Than it would have done so before
If you had not fled to a more
Comfortable fragment of your soul
Until then, however
The time of the world is yours
You own the mountains
The delusive glances
Everything that is shiny
Seemingly ingenuous
Is yours
It lasts until it hurts
Then you will say enough
To every untrue word
To find the treasure
That is not glittering
Lying inside waiting
For you to knock
On your own souls door
So it can bring you back
To roots of all
To the Beginning.

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