Friday, 24 February 2012

Without illusions

Loosing my illusions
You are the main reason
For the fear of the wolf
Lying quiet behind his snarl.
If I loose them too,
What would remain of you?
I dreamt you up
Ornamented with God's perfection
What would you be without
All that jewellery
I lent you?
Too weak and coward
To wait for the answer
Cherishing your fragments
My memories
Hiding them from my own consciousness
Until your absence
Reaches the ocean
Becomes a hurricane itself
And I will not be able
To withhold the free words
That will scare you away
For sure
But now here I am
Caressing my inner images
For I am too afraid
Of risking,
Of loosing them for good
I let the words be written
While deeds are only existent
In my visualised universe.

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