Monday, 13 February 2012


Brewed chaos
Walls shattering
Worlds collapsing
Everything that was
Is dying
In the role of
Someone who
Is missing
Day and night
Out of control

Madness outside
Ill-will and disorder
Two cramps sitting
On two sofas
And rotting
Till they will be dust shroud
In the living room

Cramps unable
To talk
Die dumbly
You are not even
Need to be
Sorry for them
For they find
Each other
Beautiful and
While foetid
And ugly
For the rest
Of the world.

Clarity inside
A dim light
That starts
To grow stronger
Each hour
That feeds
Itself faster
Than any known
Of minds or
Of hearts

Inside and outside
While waiting
Chaos creating
Clarity bringing
Moments of brilliance

Relief in the end
The puzzles are equal
Building a tower
A whole new world
While the result
Is a cry
A newborn
In the bare hands of its maker
The inside
The light
The intuition
The recognition
The ambition
Of light words
In the dark.

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