Tuesday, 28 February 2012


Always finding
A brightly shadowed excuse
For being a coward
and not being honest
with those
who deserve it the most
For not looking directly
in the others' eyes
Not wanting to see their souls
Instead, communicating
in parallel universes
hurting each other
with babbling sounds
For going along the river
while my way would lead
me up the hill
For hating myself
and hurting others
Instead of changing at least
what I already hold in my hands
For complaining that
the sky is not blue enough
Without even looking up
For every word that
is not followed by it's own shadow,
the chance
to become reality
For being profane and sacred
simple and complicated
all at the same time
For hating and loving
For prejudging
then regretting
For all the vanity
simply part of being

Are you there?
Can you hear me?
Would you help my inner universe
become reality, if I asked you?

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